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Project: Hot Wheels Infinite Loop


I'm Maksim Klochkov, a seasoned veteran in the game development industry. Welcome to my portfolio, where you can immerse yourself in my latest project - Hot Wheels Infinite Loop.

As an Art Director and 3D Production Director, I've honed my craft to deliver captivating experiences, utilizing industry-leading tools such as Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Unity 3D. 


Hot Wheels Infinite Loop, my most recent endeavor, showcases my ability to craft high-quality visuals tailored for the mobile platform. This portfolio offers you an intimate glimpse into my work on this project, illustrating my passion for creating compelling art for games and my attention to detail in designing assets optimized for mobile devices.

Please take your time to explore, and remember: Every piece of art you see here is a result of dedicated teamwork, relentless creativity, and a tireless pursuit of quality. Enjoy the ride!

Release Video

Gameplay Video

Key Highlights:

1. Creation of four unique gaming styles set in the concept of an alternative future in the year 2068, depicting a world immersed in the reality of Hot Wheels.

New York



























































































2. Development of over 60 unique vehicles with distinct skins and materials.

 Sample Screens

Technology Implementation:

1. Asphalt assembly and rendering technology: As a crucial element in a racing game that occupies a significant part of the screen, it helps accurately perceive speed and creates the desired ambiance.

   - Original shader for the use of multilayer textures, dirt, detailing, and varying specular materials for marking and asphalt itself.

   - Final Result: Mesh, Textures, Markup (marking color set using vertex color), Light Map.






































2. Implementation of the iconic plastic orange roads, a signature feature of the brand, using a custom shader.
They needed to be sunlit, highly detailed, and realistically textured.


Shader settings, Light-map and detailed specular texture

3. Vehicle damage model: An original destruction system accounting for varying stages, degrees, locations, and directions of damage.

















































Used textures























4. A large array of architectural types for city embellishment.
































5. A lot of Textures


6. UI/UX






























7. Characters


































Additional images







































































































For a more detailed view, please find attached samples and various stages of work in my portfolio.
The diverse representation in my portfolio demonstrates the depth and breadth of my experience and capabilities.

Thanks for your interest.

Contact me at:

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