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The coolest Android racing game series shifts into high gear with Nitro Nation Stories! Join protagonist Justin Carr as he races through stunning 3D environments in this thrilling race for revenge and glory. Download this thrilling new offline racing adventure.

Nitro Nation Stories is a sparkling combination of action, adventure and high speed racing. Players can choose from a selection of over 30+ cars from the world’s most popular manufacturers like BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Infiniti, Jaguar, Nissan, Pagani, and many more!

The game features 3 unique, high quality race environments, with 5 chapters of storyline that follows Justin, his friend Da Fly and a cast of characters through the dangerous world of illegal racing.

There are 5 different game modes to choose from: Story Mode, Street Race, Underground, Division and Pro Street, each is an opportunity to earn prizes, cash and upgrades.

Players can customize their car with a selection of stock colours or custom paint jobs.Each car can improve it’s performance with 5 levels of upgrade kits (Engine, Turbo, GearBox, Intake, Body, Wheels, Nitro).

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